ALICIOUS – Deliciously audacious

ALICIOUS is a two-sided watch with quartz movements that can be worn on either side... You can turn it whichever way you like!

Two analogue dials inhabit each ALICIOUS watch, one with the expected hours and minutes indicated by hand, the other with hours indicated at the dial periphery and the minutes in a six o’clock window. Despite having two movements in each case, the ALICIOUS remains infinitely suited to a variety of lifestyles and wardrobe options, with a case measuring 11.8mm in height.

The first ALICIOUS collection is be available in three basic versions, each with their own personality-infused recto and verso, each designed to reflect the perfectly balanced yet diametrically opposed characteristics in human nature. The first has a black with a red underside, sober with an undercurrent of sensuality. The next is black with a blue underside, ultimate pragmatism with a flipside of electrifying sky-high creativity. Lastly there is the black and white, speaking the universal code of dualism. The basic ALICIOUS collections is enriched from time to time with additional- seasonal- limited editions. Each ALICIOUS watch is delivered with one neutral loop. You can accessorize your ALICIOUS with a collection of additional loops featuring arts, sports, moods, magical sceneries and more. Play with your ALICIOUS and create your own style!

As of the third quarter of 2016, ALICIOUS will be delivered with an exclusive strap © containing an EMV chip | prepaid credit card, making a number of payment operations possible through simple contact of the watch with a payment terminal. A traditional (twin) card will be provided as well for your comfort in case contactless functions are not available for a chosen transaction or location. Both items will be included in the set.

Technical Specifications:

Diameter: 41 mm
Thickness: 11,8 mm
Water resistance: 30 m / 3 ATM
Case in synthetic material (polymeres)
Strap in synthetic material (polymeres)
Recto: quartz movement 3 hands
Recto: quartz movement, hours and minutes on disks