Mysterali White & Orange

305.00 CHF

Mysterali is a Swiss-made watch with a quartz movement.

The hands appear to be moving through invisible means, suspended in the middle of the fully transparent dial — a reference to the horological tradition of mystery clocks and watches, and also an allusion to the near-magical convenience that Ali & Co will bring to your life.

A patent has been awarded on the movement, which utilises an innovative mechanism to adapt the mystery time display for a quartz watch without a stabilising central axis.

Turn the watch over and the immediate shock of seeing the hands proceed anti-clockwise is undercut by the inescapable logic of it — time being kept as precisely and as impeccably as we’ve ever known, but told in a fundamentally unfamiliar way. Awaken the genie within you and see your watch go against the flow of time.

Pre-order Product. This article will be shipped from October 15, 2016.

Color White
Color Orange
Collection Mysterali
Diameter 41 mm
Thickness 11.56 mm
Water resistance 50 m / ⁠5 ATM
Case material Steel
Strap material Synthetic material (polymeres)
Movement Ali & Co patented quartz Mysterious movement

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